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3 Steps to Building the Best Customer Success Program

Customer interactions with your company set the tone for their interactions with your products and services. Happy customers support long term growth, and customer success programs help retain happy customers. As social media and the need for social proof increases, customer success programs are spreading across industries and businesses of all sizes.

But building a customer success program internally requires its own department, talent, and data management. Outsourcing your customer success program is a great alternative to help reduce costs, while still allowing you to reap the benefits of a large-scale customer success program. With these programs, companies can see significant financial growth. By outsourcing your customer success program effectively, you can cut customer churn in half and double revenue in the first year. What’s more, you can produce upwards of 60% new revenue over five years.

To build the best customer success program, follow these 3 steps:

Get Proactive on Customer Outreach

What distinguishes customer service from customer success? Customer service is, by nature, reactive, whereas customer success programs are, by nature, proactive. Customer success agents maximize engagement and conversions through nurturing. Regardless of where a customer, or potential customer, exists in the sales cycle, it is important that your customer success agents proactively reach out to say “hey, don’t forget about us!” and “hey, we’re listening to your feedback!”.

Responding to customer feedback and suggestions not only reduces churn, but grants you the opportunity to train end-users to more successfully interact with your product.

Create a Personal Connection

Overtime, we develop a sense of common customer patterns as they relate to our products, but the collective consumer is made up of individuals, and they expect to be addressed as individuals.

Depending on the size of your business and product line, you’ll have to employ appropriate automation and data capture programs to prepare your agents for conversation with customers on a personal level. Those outsourcing their efforts should find a customer support program that aims to create a personal experience for each customer through:

  • Proper Automation– organizations with high call-volume use Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, to help filter and redirect callers. Good IVR systems help prep agents prior to connecting to the caller.
  • Personal Interaction– Even the best IVR systems should be used as a support- not a solution, and should redirect callers to a customer success agent promptly.
  • Customer Snapshots– agents should use a CRM tool which provides a snapshot of customer billing information, past support tickets, product usage, and CSAT Scores to help them provide personalized service.

Conduct Ongoing Service Evaluations

While your customers come to you with feedback, it is important for you to continually develop your product goals and message around them. To do this, you’ll need to set service standards with your team. If you’re outsourcing, be sure to create a Service Level Agreement with your agency to determine business, product, and customer goals.

The agency you choose to outsource to should have quality agents that are:

  • Talented– they spend thousands of hours communicating with customers. Outsourcing agents who can alleviate customer concerns in an appropriate and efficient manner takes both training and natural skill.
  • Incentivized– Keeping agents properly incentivized through proper recognition and bonuses is not just helpful; it’s necessary. They are the face of your business, and your customer’s satisfaction depends on their state of mind at work.
  • Trained Continuously– Ongoing training for new products and services should be made available to agents so they can effectively support customer inquiries.

If your customer achieves success with your products, they will reward you with loyalty. To learn more about customer support teams that can maximize long-term customer value and recurring revenue for your business, download our guide to outsourcing your customer success program:

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4 Steps to Strengthening Operations Through Outsourcing

There is a common misunderstanding that to outsource any part of your business is a sure cry for help. On the contrary, many businesses are now taking a proactive approach toward strengthening employee efficiency by outsourcing operations. BPOs support non-primary functions, freeing up time for your human resources, accounting, and customer service departments to focus on more vital tasks. Here are some ways to strengthen your overall business functions by outsourcing:

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The Secret to Retaining More Customers

Successful customer retention comes down to understanding your consumers, their needs and expectations.


More and more companies are adopting customer success programs to adhere to consumer standards, increase retention, and significantly reduce churn. In fact, David Skok reasons that by effectively managing customer success, a business that cuts customer churn in half can double revenue in the first year and produce upwards of 60% new revenue over five years. 


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What Makes Us Different

While there are a lot of areas that make SupportZebra unique, today I want to focus on our people and what it means to be a SupportZebra. How good are our agents? They are top-notch. You can argue they’re actually overqualified for our positions.


Looking at some stats, traditionally 2/3rds of our agents have undergraduate degrees AND the other 1/3rd have graduate degrees. Some of the most popular degrees include Information Technology, Business Administration, and Computer Science. Continue reading What Makes Us Different

Evaluating Options For Customer Support

Providing top-notch customer support makes for happier customers. Making yourself readily available and easy to get in touch with when problems arise makes customers feel more confident in your ability to solve problems. Over time, following up quickly with helpful and successful fixes to problems leads to greater customer loyalty.

Avoid annoyances with one of the following customer support options. Based on your company size, variance of customer base, and intricacy of problems, you may consider combining two or more of the following solutions.
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How To Use Great Customer Support To Grow Your Brand

Customer support isn’t just for the customer. Sure, it may sound counterintuitive, but the relationship between customers and brands is mutually beneficial. While the main priorities for providing high-quality customer service are to ensure your customers remain happy and prevent problems from arising, having the reputation of being a great service provider will have a huge positive impact on your brand image. Leveraging your online presence is essential for growing your brand via customer service.
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Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Have

Whether you formally work in customer service or not, you need to have a basic understanding of customer service skills. It doesn’t matter your department, your seniority level, or your industry – you’re responsible for the experience your customers have with your company, which is why you should be concerned with your customer service skills.

Every employee, no matter what role they’re in, should have the following skills in order to effectively exhibit superior customer service.
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4 Easy Methods To Amplify Your Customer Support Strategy

Offering a truly remarkable customer support experience has gotten harder and harder, it seems. Why? Companies have found strategies that work and have stuck with them throughout the years.

While in some cases this can be fruitful (such as in highly volatile industries like retail or for companies with high brand loyalty), that’s not always the case. There are two types of companies who lose out on this type of strategy:

  • In more mature companies, your customer base is constantly changing. What worked last year may not work this year;
  • If you’re a young company, you need to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

Do either of these situations sound like you? If so, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing our four favorite methods to amp up your customer support strategy from standard to superior.
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