Employee Spotlight: Neil Edriane

Employee Spotlight: Neil Edriane

At SupportZebra, our biggest asset is our employees. We value their individual contributions, their contributions to the team as a whole, and the unique knowledge each of their personalities brings to our family.

In our employee spotlight series, we’ll introduce to you to a vital member of our team in each post. This post features agent Neil Edriane:

I’ve been at SupportZebra for over four years now. Initially I joined the team because of the company culture and people. I have stayed and moved up the ladder here and am very excited about our growth opportunities!

I look forward to coming to work because our community here makes sure it is a stress-free environment, full of fun, which comes off in our support calls. I’ve learned so much about developing people skills to ensure professionalism at all times. This is what led me to become the account manager.

Working at SupportZebra has created a great environment where I can staying true to who I am, while ensuring that I am also able to mentor our new agents. It can be tricky with new clients working to find solutions to new problems, but our dynamic team from agent to CEO helps us find the answer.

I can’t wait to see what is next for me as a SupportZebra!



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