3 Steps to Building the Best Customer Success Program

Customer interactions with your company set the tone for their interactions with your products and services. Happy customers support long term growth, and customer success programs help retain happy customers. As social media and the need for social proof increases, customer success programs are spreading across industries and businesses of all sizes. But building a [Read More…]

4 Steps to Strengthening Operations Through Outsourcing

There is a common misunderstanding that to outsource any part of your business is a sure cry for help. On the contrary, many businesses are now taking a proactive approach toward strengthening employee efficiency by outsourcing operations. BPOs support non-primary functions, freeing up time for your human resources, accounting, and customer service departments to focus [Read More…]

The Secret to Retaining More Customers

Successful customer retention comes down to understanding your consumers, their needs and expectations.   More and more companies are adopting customer success programs to adhere to consumer standards, increase retention, and significantly reduce churn. In fact, David Skok reasons that by effectively managing customer success, a business that cuts customer churn in half can double revenue in [Read More…]

What Makes Us Different

While there are a lot of areas that make SupportZebra unique, today I want to focus on our people and what it means to be a SupportZebra. How good are our agents? They are top-notch. You can argue they’re actually overqualified for our positions.   Looking at some stats, traditionally 2/3rds of our agents have [Read More…]

Employee Spotlight: Neil Edriane

At SupportZebra, our biggest asset is our employees. We value their individual contributions, their contributions to the team as a whole, and the unique knowledge each of their personalities brings to our family. In our employee spotlight series, we’ll introduce to you to a vital member of our team in each post. This post features [Read More…]