Making BPO Easy & Seamless

Outsourcing business processes may seem frightening at first, but at SupportZebra we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. Our trained staff is dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

  • Trained ambassadors who work solely on your account
  • Taking time consuming processes off your hands to give you back more of your day
  • Individualized services for each customer - one size does not fit all


Our Service

A customer support center is an extension of your company - their actions reflect directly on your business’ reputation. We understand that giving your customers the highest level of service is a huge responsibility, which is why each of our clients receives a custom-developed campaign that suits their size, needs, and goals.

In addition to the stringent hiring processes and extensive training, SupportZebra has invested heavily in the infrastructure of our call center operations. We know that connectivity and reliability are of utmost importance, and have our IT systems in place to ensure that we’re always connected. This includes a dedicated T1 connection, two backup internet connections, backup power generator, and UPS systems for our servers and desktops.

At SupportZebra, we’re open and honest about our policies and incredibly proud of our Western Educated support staff. We provide unmatched support at competitive rates that are impossible to turn down.