Supportzebra company culture

To us, a fun company culture is more than just free lunches or a game room.

A healthy company culture should be supportive and foster long-lasting friendships.

We strive to make SupportZebra a place you're proud to work, somewhere you look forward to being, and a place where you can work alongside some of your closest friends.

We achieve our focus on culture by:

  • Taking team building trips two times a year
  • Prioritizing corporate social responsibility activities
  • Fun weekly activities
  • And more!

A company's culture is only as strong as its people.

Company culture isn't built overnight, and can only be as strong as the people who make it up. At SupportZebra, we put an emphasis on hiring people who are not just intelligent, but are also highly motivated, friendly, dedicated, and love to have fun.




Meet the team


Mike Roa

  • Born: Cebu City
  • University: Systems Technology Institute College
  • Number of siblings: 3
  • Favorite color: blue, red
  • Favorite food: Japanese
  • How would you describe SupportZebra?:
    Fun, challenging, and never a dull moment!
  • What have you learned being part of this team?:
    Being proactive, thinking outside the box, and becoming more professional.


Fema Walter

  • University: University of Immaculate Conception, Brokenshire College
  • Favorite things to do in my spare time: Gardening and watching movies
  • What is your favorite part about working at SupportZebra?:
    Working here feels like a family - our second family away from home. Conversing with the owners is also convenient. Here, we respect each other while amusingly fulfilling our responsibilities and respective goals.
  • What are the most valuable things you've learned being part of our team?:
    Love your work and your work will love you back. Treasure and appreciate what you have, as not everybody has the opportunities you do. Give your best at all times.