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Why Choose Support Zebra Customer Service?

A customer support center is an extension of your company. Their actions reflect directly on your business’ reputation and giving your customers the highest level of service is a huge responsibility. At Support Zebra, we take this responsibility seriously and have taken extraordinary measures in order to serve you and your company and the highest level.

In addition to the stringent hiring processes and extensive training, Support Zebra has invested heavily in the infrastructure of our call center operations. We know that connectivity and reliability are of utmost importance, and have our IT systems in place to ensure that we’re always connected. This includes a dedicated T1 connection, two backup internet connections, backup power generator, and UPS systems for our servers and desktops.

Why We’re Different

We LOVE Customer Support

  • Customer Support is our sole focus. This lets us train our agents how to be the best customer support agents in the industry and allows us to give your customers extraordinary service as an extension of you and your company. Unlike other companies that may get distracted with SEO, sales, or other types of work — we ONLY focus on customer support.

We’re all about YOU

  • We only hire dedicated agents. This means your agents are trained specifically for your products and company and do not have other clients. This allows your agents to be your agents and to solely focus on you and your business 100%.

We’re U.S. Based and Western Educated

  • Support Zebra isn’t some shady operation hiding across the ocean that will disappear at the drop of a hat. Support Zebra is western managed and has project managers based in the U.S. that you can reach at any time, if you ever have any questions or problems arise (which, admittedly is a rare case). We hire only the best agents with 4 year degrees and we’re confident that you won’t find better support agents for your business anywhere.

At SupportZebra, we’re open and honest about our policies and incredibly proud of our Western Educated support staff. We provide unmatched support at competitive rates that are  impossible to turn down. In fact, call me – Nathan Yap, CEO & Founder of SupportZebra right now and learn how SupportZebra can take care of all your customer support needs.


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