Who are we?

CompanySupportZebra was started by two cousins Nathan Yap and Niño Duran in early 2010. Nathan handles all US operations such as sales, communication with clients, and other strategic decisions. Niño oversees daily operations in the Philippines. In addition to Niño and Nathan, the current management team has over 50 years of collective experience in the outsourcing industry.


From left: Niño Duran (Managing Director – Asia), Noelle Juarez (VP of Operations) and Nathan Yap (CEO)

Why did we start SupportZebra?

We started SupportZebra because we couldn’t find a customer support call center that we were satisfied with for our family import/export business. We then opened an overseas office to handle administrative tasks like customer support, and friends and family came calling to add ambassadors to our existing office. Once we got to 20 ambassadors, we thought there might be a viable business model in this, and built a call center to handle growth.


We have the advantage of intimately knowing both American and Philippine culture — as such, we know what our clients in the US want and how business is done here, and we also have the local Philippines connections and network to properly execute a successful campaign. We’re small enough to intimately know and develop custom campaigns for each of our clients, but large enough to have the infrastructure and IT to achieve world-class uptime and reliability.